thugs don't cry.

people change - for the good or the bad.
it's gonna happen whether ya like it or not.

wow, tryna catch up w. everyone can't believe what i was actuallly hearing.
everyone is apparently drifting into their own ways, i mean there's stilllllll school,
but yet everyone just does their own thing afterwards. sooooo weird >:(
i miss you guys, and hearing this makes me sad. we neeeeeeda alll be reunited.
so it can go back to the goood old days, w. good times, and good stuff.
i hope you alllllll are doing good though, miss you guys a lot. never forgot ya.
thugs foreva. cuzzzz we ain't just loose change, were frrrrkn DIAMONDS.
it went from every week/weekend seein' yr faces, now it's like zeeero zip nada.
& it hurrrrrts. :( nonetheless, i stillllll love you guys forever & a day + a hour. 
everythinnn's slowly changing in a different? direction. some good some bad.
either than that, i just hope alllllllofya, are doing good, being good, livin' good :]

as for me. i'm hap hap happppppy to the world. <3
but one things for sure, no one's ever gonna take yrr guys spots.
thugs mama's for life. haha, duh "THUG LIFE." Lol. 
we neeeeeda chill ...


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