"i don't have the strength to
 stay away from you anymore."

and why is it that all of a sudden out of the blue.
i found myself crying, over what exactly? nothing that's it.
feeling nostalgic, and it's killing me. why is it getting to me.
something like that wouldn't bug me, now it setting in.

one thing i don't get

is why i care oh so much.
for something that's not even there.

all of sudden

reality is beginning to set in, and i don't like it one bit.
i got caught up w. fantasies and dreams and the future.
that i forgot about my present. now, i'm spinning in circles.
you really don't know what you've got til it's gone.

new yorrrk are ya ready?

by the end of this year i'm possibly going to ny!
:D yaaaaaay, i can't wait. super super super excited.
- $5 a day, ya budddddy?! ;P i guess i gotta restrain myself.
today's day 5. so $25. hahaha. this is probably gonna take 4eva.
but ohhhh well, i'm gonnna do it!

- ride the ferris wheel at toys r us, scream super loud when i get to the top.
- be a kid at the candy store (; @ dylan's candy bar.
- go ice skating at the rockefeller center.
- camera whore, w. that big bull statue.
- feed the ducks, and kick the birds at central park.
- go to TRL, and give shout outs to everyone back in hawaii.
- watch a broadway show, preferrably one that i know of.
- pudge outtttt at some of the best food places in nyc.
- see the brooklyn bridge.
- biggggest hard rock cafe.
- get a lot of I <3>