Yours truly.

Dear -
Boy you have nerrrrrve. Can't believe you actually assumed that I was "seeing 2 guys." Get yr facts straight. Seriously, where's yr heart?! I'm tired of hearing excuse after excuse about this and that. All of it has become the sound of nails scratching against a chalk board. How could you do this to me? No, I'm not pulling the same sht. You still haven't learned, although you say you did. My words, her words, his words, and our words have gone in one ear and out the other. Oh and you ALWAYS say "be humble." You're not being humble, do you not like seeing me happy?! So you can talk to her, but I can't talk to him? Besides you have no right to judge him. When you don't even know him, he doesn't go judging you or anyone else. Unlike you, he's making me happy taking the time and effort to put a real smile on my face and keep it there. When you made me cry, he didn't jump to conclusions and say he wanted to kick your ass, no he listened to me. Listened to what I had to say. Yet, you on the other hand have done nothing but made everything worse. I've got a good thing now, and my life's in balance. I found clearer skies through the rain. One thing ya gotta remember, "What you don't witness with your eyes, don't witness with your mouth." I saw through his past, you continue to live with yours. I'm over it. You've taken me for granted, and I've let you slide along with a free pass for too long. As of right now, I don't even want a friendship with you, because you don't even know how to be a real friend. How can you talk about your bestfriend behind their back? That's not even being a real friend. How can you tell me to stay true to myself? If you can't even do it. How can you tell me to make right choices not the wrong ones? When you can't even do so yourself. Before you tell me whats right and whats not think about yourself. Can't believe you. You're history to me. Without history you have no future? I'm stronger now. And I ain't chasing. I'm standing where I should and that's a heart beat away from you. This is like a "f*ck you" slap to the face. Thanks for hurting me like you did, I'm stronger. Everything happens for a reason, whether you like it or not. It's your loss. You still don't appreciate the things i've done for you, and I don't think you ever will. I've been hurt so much, to the point I realized I don't miss any of this. On the contrary my heart would drop if I saw you, or heard about you or ending up at a place where we had good times, but no. Being taken for granted just didn't cut it, I care but on the sense that your just someone in my past and if you got physically injured. I don't care about what your doing now and how your handling yourself because I've tried to help you not change you, but help you. Hoping one day you'll learn. But as the days progressed, I gave up. On us, on you. So when I see you now, I don't even bother to get a second look. You're like a person walking the opposite direction of me, a total stranger. If you actually took the time to read this, decoding it shouldn't be that hard. Pain doesn't come knocking at my front door anymore because love is a battlefield, i am a soldier and my heart is a granade.

Sincerely -
Yours truly.

P.S. I'm not missing you.

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