& i never thought this would happen

can't believe, i'm missing something
that was never there to begin with.

Today - March 06, 2009 was prettttty chillllllll :) & i liked it. hahaha. 4th period went by fast,
alyssa, "megan you know that i miss you i wanna sit with you today but ms. osborn is the issue." 
lol. fucknnnn love that hoe fo' sho. haha. & pono toooo, that bitchface, jk. :] he's the best.
& i thinkkkkk him & ms. ivony joy are the cutestestestestest in hawaiiiiiii, but he's stilllll nails to the world.
ya, can't believe everythin's changin' i miss my thugs. on the realllll, got so much updates -_-
goood or bad? it happpened. there's stillll love, everyone's just got to find their way back somehow.
:( miss you guys on the reallllll. one day, we're gonna come back together. in time! :]

i love talks w. kev, he's the best guy friend aside from bryan.
haaha. kevvvvvin toiletface. haha. >:P i love how he can keep even my deeeepest darkest secrets.
-_- damn, it's amazing how much trust i have in our friendship, & i lovvvve it. 
your one of my bestfriends kevvvv. <3

ugh, i stillllllllllllllllllllll hate you & the truth that lies w. in everythin'.
:( but then at the same time i don't. yr probably never gonna get this.
& i'm gonnna continue keeeeepin' this to myself. 

:( i'm gonna miss you.

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  1. awh babygirl (: -
    thank you. your'e the cuuutest thing in hawaii,