festivalllllll, it was an "alright" turn out. haha, shanice & michellllle crack me the fuck up, damn i love those bitches. & aaaaron! he's the best, no doubt. :) remember hellllllo kittty everything. damn, i wish i could go japan w. ya. tmrw's a worrrrrk worrrk worrk day w. the best friend. hah, i'm working before i actually gotta work. ha, hard to explain. hopefullly tomorrow's just as good. i did a lot of snoooozin' today, more than i'm used too & it feels good. (: i should do it more often, maybe i'll grow an extra inch or two. apparently my doc. said i stopped already. it ain't a total bummm trip, i'm fine w. my height just kinna wish i was an inch or two taller? or not. ha, but i'm geeeee. hm. oh and i basically survived more than half of the day w. out my phone. it's pretty amazing. haha. wellllll i survived longer, but i guess it's been awhile. most people stillll try to get at me through my other phone, always confrontin' me as to why my phone still doesn't work or why i don't answer or reply. i kinnna laugh, i don't just go giving out my # to just anybody. i mean there's gotta be a purpose. ;P welllllll i heard this song, reminded me of ya' cuzzz i remember lip singing it w. ya'. that was fun ..while it lasted. i changed it though, half way through the song. and another song plays ah bad. - but oh welllllll. it's not suppose to phase ya. ouuu! my aunty bought me more baking thanggggs, & i'm in the mood for baking. :] & My uncle made me the cutest pair of honu earrrrings, man do i love him. he's the best godfather a girrrls got. been there since the hana baaaattta days, naillllls. ;P even when my dad walked out for a while. -_- he's just been there, and he's evennnnn put me on his phone line. :] whattta great bestfriend to my father. i'm alllll grown now, and unlike dad, he understands. maybe cuzzz he's had 3 daughters, and learned from them. as for my dad, i'm the only one he's seen grow up, so it's kinnnna hard for him to cope w. me growing up. but like ya said it ain't always a bad thing, at least he cares. & yrrr right. hmmmm.. it's 10:41? just woke up from a 4 hr nap. i'm stillll pretty tired, gonna get ready for bed. night <3 

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