and then you came along.

All of this is really making me go crrrrrazy.
But I try not to let it come across my smile.
So I front about everything, for everyone else's sake.
I know it ain't the right thing but it's the only thing.
If I turn to this side, I end up going this way.
It's complicated whenever I try to make it simple.
I constantly find myself analyzing situation after the next.
Only finding myself in the same position as the last.
I'm asking God every night what to do, for help.
For comfort, I know he's there. He's listening.
"Megan Claire, always do the right thing."
How do I it, if I don't have a clue as to what it is!
I get sick in the stomach after every thought.
It's not suppose to happen that way.
You make me happy, but it's tough knowing..
I'm stuck feeling like I shouldn't have anyone.
I ain't good enough for anyone.
The best thing would be to stay away, and let it be.
But I don't what that, I want you. It seems possible.
Your within my reach but at the same time yr not.
There's that wall again, building up higher & higher.
Every single day, it stacks up and a foot or 2.
Making you seem "forever" far away from me.
What am I doing? I'm so confused.
I really don't wanna run to anyone.
I'm gonna be independent and take this one.
All on my own. Gonna keep my head up.
I know i'll find those brighter skies.
Before this wall becomes an enclosed box.
Blocking me from any possibilities.

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