i'm my own person - while yr out mocking me.
i'll just continue being the "reallllll thing."

>:( stoppppp! already w. all the assuming nonsense.
yr giving me tummyaches, and headaches. so sorrrre.
i'm thinking everything through, getting things straight.

w. or w. out a guy, needless to say, i'm gonnnna be happy.
because i spent how many yrs of my life w. out one.
& i ain't gonnna start dependin' on one to put a smile on my face.
:) but then again, yr something alright.

Everything from this point on - is in God's hands.
he's callllling the shots, making the rules, but I just gottta play the game.
Give it my alllllll, and show them what i'm made of.

Imitated never duplicated.

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