Taken to the heart.

We've been there since forever, and now yr gonna pull this sht on me? Once you left for the trip, all of a sudden she's yr new bestfriend. Don't get it wrong, I ain't jealous. Just didn't expect this from you, maybe from someone else. But wow, a bestfriend is suppose to be there, tell me the right things, even when the right thing maybe telling me something I don't want to hear. We're suppose to be able to "trust" each other. If I can't trust you, then who could I really trust. We all undergo changes, whether it be physically or emotionally. You changed on the real, I ain't saying I didn't. But the thing is, I never stopped treating you as a bestfriend. It's what you said, or even what you didn't say that got to me. I took that too the heart, because apparently you're my "so called" bestfriend. I mean on the real, we all have our flaws and imperfections. But one things for sure, I accept you as a whole, I don't let the bad overtake the good. And as for you, feels like when it comes to our friendship it's just portions. I ain't gonna let this get to me anymore, I'm over it. I ain't gonna get stuck dwelling in all of this nonsense. I'm just gonna concentrate on my own thing. We're all grown, and enough w. this. There's a reason why I left it back in private school. Think what ya like.

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