new yorrrk are ya ready?

by the end of this year i'm possibly going to ny!
:D yaaaaaay, i can't wait. super super super excited.
- $5 a day, ya budddddy?! ;P i guess i gotta restrain myself.
today's day 5. so $25. hahaha. this is probably gonna take 4eva.
but ohhhh well, i'm gonnna do it!

- ride the ferris wheel at toys r us, scream super loud when i get to the top.
- be a kid at the candy store (; @ dylan's candy bar.
- go ice skating at the rockefeller center.
- camera whore, w. that big bull statue.
- feed the ducks, and kick the birds at central park.
- go to TRL, and give shout outs to everyone back in hawaii.
- watch a broadway show, preferrably one that i know of.
- pudge outtttt at some of the best food places in nyc.
- see the brooklyn bridge.
- biggggest hard rock cafe.
- get a lot of I <3>

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