i'm the happiest i've ever been.

yeah, this past two weeks, i've done nothing but smile smile smile. it's basically "endless" happiness. don't know exactly how all of this happened, but things do happen for a reason. & welllllll, he's the sweetest. no i don't mean, he's a sweet talker, and trys to get by with cheeezy pick up lines. no he's sweet like alllll the little things he does make me like him even more. he may not be the steeeziest guy in hawaii, but one things for sure is that i dig his steeeeeze, although he's got a bad habit of doing "illlllegal" things. but hey like sheeeela said, "for every woman theres a man that will make her stronger. for every man there's a woman that will make him change." and this certain one, no isn't making me rush into any relationships. patience is a virtue. and so far, he's got a gold heart. nooooo not another one with a cold heart. (: don't know how things happen like this. whennn you've got a good thing, don't screw it up. althoughhhh he says he's not worthy, he's trying and trying. and i love that. i'm his onnnnly yogurrrrt girl (; hahah. and i'm gonna throw it at his face. haha. apparently i gottttt scrub out alll the pointless memories, and make room for more, haha. he's silllly but gets me going. & for that other person out there, thinkin' i'm probably stupid for moving on. yrrr stupid because you don't know the deal. you don't know the real deal. the sht that went down, and why it went down like that. it's not my fault, and why would i stick around with something that only takes me for granted. No girl deserves to be treated that way, no girl or person needs to deal with all the pain i've dealt with. i'm stronger and bettttter today, cuzz life's too short to dwell in alll that's wrong. :) and boyyyy, i ain't missing you. i'm happy.

possibly to good to be true.

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