when she needed you the most,

that's when you decide to leave us both.

i'm tired, tired of gettin' my hopes up.
tired of you always lyin' to me.
tired of pickin' up mom when she's down,
tired of cryin' cuzzz of you,
tired of smilin' when you say you'll be back,
tired of repeatin' different dates when you'll be back,
tired of lyin' to myself that you will come back,
tired of tryin' to be strong for your sake,
tired of dyin' inside everytime your not back,
tired of hopin' you will get back the next day,
tired of believin' your bullsht every single time,
tired of foolin' myself that this time is for sure,
tired of feelin' that i ain't good enough for you,
tired of thinkin' i'm just a burden in your life,
tired of dreamin' that your back,
tired of wonderin' why you won't come back,
tired of lovin' you as a father,
tired of hatin' you because your not being one.

i'm tired of you, dad.

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