January 19, 2K9.

Ugh, last night was crazy.
-_- You don't even know, goodness.
I'm glad my mom's forgiving. <3

Soooooo, today kev called me,
'nd asked if i wanted to go beach.
At first I didn't think my mom would,
cuzzzz of what happened the night before.

But surprisingly she said yes.
Well if you read my other blog,
then you probably get whats going on.
Long story - short. My dads not comin' back tmrw.
Don't know when he will, lost hope already.

Mmkay, Kholein, Kev, Court, 'nd Sherwin picked me up,
then went tooo pick up CHAAAAANTYLE! :) i love her.

Afterwards drove to Kapolei Burger King,
Chan's mommy is so nice, she bought us foood.
:) Thank you aunty. You're the best.

Headed down to white plains.
Saw brandy 'nd broooooke, cuties.
Ate our foood. Then sat in the sand.

Haha, Chaaan look so comfortable.
Sherwin splashed me! >:( Evil.
Hahahaha, Kholein's soooo skinny.
Courtney 'nd her OREO game, so sillllly.

When we were finished,
dropped chan, 'nd sherwin off.
Kev got mad at me, cuz i bite him & woke him up.

Didn't know what else to do,
so cruised it at kev's hale! :)
Halo frrrrrreaks, haha. Hawaiian <3's>
LMAO! Showered then kholein 'nd court took me home.

Now i'm here.
Mom's leavin' in 3 days to confront my father.
>:( He's horrrrrrible. 

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