since your back

it's back to the same old shit.
you treat me like i'm a little kid.

if you have realized it. i've GROWN! >:(
so cut the cord, and let me go. lockdown 24/7.
beginnin' to wish you were still gone.

it's not fair, how you can trust me so much.
but once he got back, your spineless.
i don't even know who you are. seriously.
these are the times when i feel like..

i feel like i'm just another burden in your life.
i feel like i'm just an accident waiting to happen.
i feel like i'm not even your daughter.

like i said before.
i grew up! i FUCKN grew up.
'nd yet you still treat me as if i have no clue.

with or without you.

how the fuck can you walk back in our lives.
as if nothing happened! >:( i wish you went away.
deep inside i sometimes wish you did walk away.
but the only thing is mom's not strong enough.

i am! i hate how you make me feel like shit.
what did i do wrong? i did nothing wrong.
again, i'm placed in another situation,
where i feel like i ain't good enough.

thanks, your fuckn special.

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