i've got my eye on you.

Update. Update! Update?
So what's been happppppenin'?!

Welllll i know it's late but HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!
The last a week or so, has been one heck of a weeeeeek.
You don't even know the half of it.

Let's seee.
Chan's house, for valentine's day was fun.
:] Got to see my waipahu thug mama's & extra credit.
Whatttttevr, everyone cooked, welll i baked a cake.
It takes superrrr good with ice cream.

The next to days of my weekend were alright.
My rivalllll became one of my good friends, she's cool.
We're cool now, and she was my partner.
For the VP tournament, I think we did good.
Even if he didn't place. I had loads of fun,
except for the fact that I hurt my leg badly. -_-

Monday - President's Day.
Nothing grrrrreat, I wish I went to exclusive.

Back to school, whattttta drag, : didn't do my work.
Ugh, i've become so much lazier, & it's hurting me and my future.
Today I'm thinking about going to exclusive w/my bestfriend.
& dare ohhh, kaylalalalala, maybe even __________.

Welllllll i'm in graphics right now,
and it doesnt get any more borrring.
I don't feel like making stickers or shirts.
Over that played out junk.

Wellllllll i'mout for now.
Laters (;

NO PHONE! :( horrrrrible.

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