January 18, 2K9.

:) i love chan, cuzzzzz she's my man. 
boyfriend since 01122K9. its love.

lets seeeeee! >:( I only got like what 4 hours of some decent sleeep.
that's fuckn horrrrible! all cuzzz the bitch ass ryan gotta wake my ass up, "just becuzzz."
& my cell phone ain't workin'. I can only recieve calls, so ugly, on the real.

welllllllll, my mommy made chicken :) yumm.
then around 2 somethin', mariecel, chan, & court came to pick me up.
:] yaaay! i missed them oh sooo much.

i gave courtney her CHRISTMAS PRESENT!
finnnnnallly! :) build-a-bear c breeeezy.

then kevvv so happened to call me,
'nd we were on the way to his house,
so i could give him his christmas present.
then..... mariecel and chan got hungrrrry.

so we decided to crash kev's house & order pizza hut.
haha, courtney's so baddddd asss in halo! :D hah, i love that girl.
i didn't mean for it tooo do that, damn i have helluh bad aim.

Kevvvv finally got his christmas gift.
it was in a HUUUUUUGE BOX! :)
'nd if your wonderin' i made him an art kit <3

hahaha. & rocky 'nd drey came overrr,
when the pizzzza came tooo! >:P
so kev had to leave to go paintin',
and we were all like huh? whats going on.

so us girrrrls, went up to royal summit.
to eat out pizzzzza, :) chan was fighting with the pizza box.
it was frkn hilarious! :P i can laugh, cuz she knows i love her.

afterwards we dropped courtney home,
then headed to kunia to killll time.
i can't believe they frkn toook away melon syrup!
"nails to the fuckn world."

thennnn chan had no where else to go,
so mariecel dropped her & i to my place.
we ate a pint of coookies and cream,
and made two vids, which will be up soon! :)

thennnnnn! mariecel picked us up.
we went to waikele, met up w/court alexis ryan kholein.
i bought mariecel NEW MOOOOON! :]
& oh my that chick has crazy stories. make the whole world laugh.
alexis oh my fuckn thug life right there. :)

we were sooooo busy laughing our asses offf.
outside borders. mariecel has the biggest boobs the jap. man has ever seeen.
HAHAHAHAHAH, she's hilarous. love that girrrrl.

on top of it allll,
it was FREEEEEZIN'. 
& yeah i shouldnt have worn shorts & a tank.
-_- my lossssss.

went to zippppy's.
then dropped chan.
then got HOME! finallly :)

..today was fun <3
'cuzzz bitch your only worth that much.
(; mahalos.

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